What Nobody Can    Flexi...can.

Type of Bellows

  • Metallic
  • Non Metallic

Axial Bellows

Axial Expansion Joint is the simplest form of expansion joint. A flexible element either with

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Testable Play Bellows

- flexican is the only supplier in India of this design. - Specialize design for Hazardous

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Double Bellows

Double Bellows are the type of expansion joints where two bellows are provided. The use of these

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Universal Bellows

A Universal Expansion Joint is one containing two bellows joined with a spool piece for the

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High Neck Design

Ideally selected based on all types of flow directions and dust load. However, depending upon the

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Vertical Fixing Design

Vertical fixing designs are ideally suited for applications like Fan inlet, Fan outlet and Hopper

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Angle Flange Design

Ideally suited for lesser dust load and where the lateral / radial thermal movements are less than

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Direct Mounting Design

Direct mounting design is mainly offered for applications like reformer, tube seal and pipe penetration

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About Flexican

Zaverchand Gaekwad Ltd. was established in 1961 with production of galvanized steel "flexican" conduits; and in 1976 expanded manufacturing in Metal Hoses & Bellows and marketing units in India and Malaysia and Singapore. In 1989 the ZG’s business was transferred to "flexican" Bellows & Hoses Private Limited which has a modern new factory at 283, GIDC, Makarpura at Baroda. Gujarat (India).

The ZG Group manufactures Bellows Expansion Joints since 1975 and are a pioneer as well as a leader in India. This product requires specialized designing and high precision manufacturing capabilities.

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